Eleventh Grade States of Matter

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Chemistry - States of Matter

Intermolecular forces vs Thermal energy, Gaseous state, Physical Characteristics of Gases, Boyle’s Law (Pressure-Volume relationship), Graphical representation of Boyle’s Law, Problem

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  • Chemistry - States of Matter

    Density and Molar mass of a Gaseous substance, Problem, Dalton’s Law of partial pressures, Partial pressure in terms of mole fraction, Graham’ s Law of Diffusion, Kinetic theory of gases, Postulates of Kinetic theory of Gases

    110 2 hours
  • Chemistry - States of Matter

    Charles’ Law (Temperature-Volume relationship), Graphical representation of Charles’ Law, Problem, Gay Lussac’s Law (Pressure-Temperature relationship), Avogadro Law (Volume-Amount relationship), Ideal gas equation

    98 2 hours
  • Chemistry - States of Matter

    Introduction, Intermolecular forces vs Intramolecular force, van der Waals forces, Dispersion forces/London forces, Dipole-dipole forces, Dipole-induced dipole forces, Problem

    110 4 hours