Eleventh Grade Equilibrium

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Chemistry - Equilibrium

Manufacture of Sulphuric acid by Contact process, Problem, Ionic Equilibria, Acids, Bases and Salts, Arrhenius Theory, Bronsted-Lowry Theory (Proton Theory), Conjugate acid-base pairs

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  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Problem, Common ion effect in Solubility product, Applications of Solubility product: Common ion effect in Qualitative salt analysis

  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Strong acid vs Weak acid, Strength of Acids, Strong base vs Weak base, Strength of Bases, Problem, Ionization of water, Ionization constant of water, pH Scale

    107 52 mins
  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Factors Affecting Chemical Equilibrium Le-Chatelier’s Principle, Problem, Application of Le-Chatelie’s Principle, Manufacture of Ammonia in Haber’s process

    117 12 mins
  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Application of Equilibrium Constant, Temperature dependence of Equilibrium constant: Van’t Hoff equation, Factors Affecting Chemical Equilibrium Le-Chatelier’s Principle

    2K 2 hours
  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Activity vs Concentration, Characteristics of Equilibrium Constant, Problem, Relation between Kp and Kc, Homogeneous Equilibrium, Heterogeneous Equilibrium

    119 15 mins
  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Characteristics of Chemical Equilibrium, Law of Chemical equilibrium, Equilibrium constant in terms of concentration (Kc), Problem, Equilibrium constant in terms of pressure (Kp)

    115 2 hours
  • Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Introduction, Physical Equilibrium, Problem, Features of Physical Equilibria, Equilibrium in Chemical processes, Demonstration of Chemical Equilibrium

    107 16 mins