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Eleventh Grade Structure of atom

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Chemistry - Structure of atom

Introduction to Atomic model, Thomson’s Atomic model, Cathode ray, Anode ray, Cathode rays vs Anode rays, Rutherford’s Atomic model, Rutherford’s Atomic model, Limitations of Rutherford Atomic model, Discovery of a Neutron, Atomic number and Mass number, Isotopes and Relative atomic mass, Electromagnetic Wave Theory , Electromagnetic radiation formula

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  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    9. Aufbau principle, Pauli Exclusion Principle, Hund’s rule of maximum multiplicity, Electronic Configuration, Importance of Electronic Configuration, How to write abbreviated EC?, How to decide period, block and group?, Problem, Stability of completely and half filled subshells

    2K 4 hours
  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    Comparison between 3s, 3p and 3d, Problem, Shapes of Orbitals, Radial and Angular nodes, Angular nodes in p and d orbitals, Energy of orbitals in H atom, Energy of orbital in multi-electron atoms, Effective nuclear charge

    2K 1 hours
  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    Significance of Heisenberg❜s Uncertainty principle, Problem, Reason for failure of Bohr’s model, Quantum mechanical model, Schrodinger equation, Features of the quantum mechanical model , Schrödinger equation for H atom, Quantum numbers.

    2K 3 hours
  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    Dual behaviour of matter: De-Broglie equation, Quantisation of Angular momentum, de Broglie wavelength in terms of K.E., Problem, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle

    2K 49 mins
  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    Bohr’s Model for H Atom, Problem, Explanation of Line Spectrum of H, Merits and Demerits of Bohr’s Theory

    2K 4 hours
  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    Problem, Dual behaviour of Electromagnetic radiation, Continuous and Line spectrum, Line, Band and Continuous spectra, Line spectra vs Band Spectra, Emission and Absorption Spectrum, Line Spectrum of Hydrogen

    2K 3 hours
  • Chemistry - Structure of atom

    Problem, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Particle nature of Electromagnetic radiation, Black Body Radiation, Planck❜s Theory: Quantization of Energy, Photoelectric Effect, Explanation of Photoelectric Effect

    2K 18 mins